Your home goes through a lot of punishment every day, especially your roof and windows. The amount of exposure they get can damage their structure and leave you open to problems like leaks or holes.

This is even truer when you consider just how much damage a storm can do. As local experts in storm damage, we’ve listed some of the best tips to help you keep your home safe from the storm.

Clear Out Your Gutters
Storm damage from water is minimized when it is flowing through your gutters. However, debris like leaves, branches and granules from your shingles might pile up and clog your gutters. With nowhere to go, water might create roof leaks and, in winter, form ice dams. Make sure you clear out your gutters soon after a storm so it works at 100%.

Replace Damaged Shingles
Your shingles are the first line of defense for your roof. Because of this, it is also liable to get itself badly damaged, and if left unrepaired, it can lead to further problems in your home. Replace any cracked, bent or missing shingles immediately in your next storm damage restauration.

Get Impact-Rated Windows
Your windows can be cracked by flying debris. Their frames can also deteriorate and let drafts in. To keep yourself safe, get high-quality windows with high-impact ratings. High ratings indicate how durable the window is, which can prevent or minimize damage from wind and debris.

Repair Weather Sealing
Whether it’s for your doors or windows, it’s always good to get your weather sealing repaired. If it gets old or damaged, it can become the source of drafts and water leaks. Get a local provider of storm damage service, such as HANDAL’S ROOFING, to replace the sealing. This way, you can make your home more comfortable even during inclement weather.

We are the name you can trust. We provide protective systems and high-quality materials to make sure your windows and siding last for years. To talk about your restoration service needs in Texas, contact us TODAY at (832) 525-9679 or Emails us manager@handalroofing.com

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