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Although most roofing systems are built to withstand long years of use and exposure to the elements, roof damage can occur at any time. Some of the common indications of roof damage include missing or cracked shingles, damaged underlayment and flashing, leaking, and even ripped roofing due to wind blow-offs. When any of these happen, roof replacement should be your priority.  However, how do you choose the right roofing company? How much does a typical roof replacement cost? Is more expensive roofing material always better than the cheaper ones? 

Prior to hiring any specific roofing contractor, it will help for you to evaluate the roofer’s scope of services, experience in the industry, and necessary Insurance coverage. The roofing system of your home is one of its most important components. It makes sense to hire only a reliable roofing contractor for the job. These are just a few of the most important considerations when re-roofing your home.

Why is Roof Replacement Necessary for Your Home?

The roof of your home, just like any other part of a residential structure, can succumb to years of wear and tear. The roof shingles may already be warped or missing a few pieces, or there may be leaks under the roof and on the ceiling. These are indications that you should start planning for house re-roofing plans and expenses.

One option in dealing with damaged roofing is to perform various repairs on affected parts. However, many roofing contractors will tell you that this is sometimes not a wise option. If the roof of your home has already suffered from extensive damage, replacing or repairing just one or a few parts can be costlier in the long run. 

If you are planning to remodel your house, you may also need to update the materials, style, and appearance of your residential roof. Any home property can benefit from an increase in value through durable and beautiful roofing. If you are planning to replace the roofing system of your home anytime soon, you need to speak with reliable roofing contractors as early as now. An early consultation will save you time and money, as this will allow you to scout for the best providers in your area.

Types of Roof Damage that May Require House NEW ROOF 

One of the most common prompts for homeowners to finally replace their roof is clear and visible damage. When any of the following types of roof damage occur, you need to work with roof replacement companies right away.

  • Cracks on roof shingles. Various types of roof shingles, such as tiles and asphalt, are prone to cracks. Although shingles naturally crack over time, prolonged heat exposure can also lead to fissures and warping. Frequently, these cracks can spread to the felt material underneath the shingles, resulting in more extensive roof damage.
  • Leaks. A leaking roof can be a sign of a serious problem, for which a re-roofing may be needed. Sometimes, a leak doesn’t have to be visible for it to be categorized as alarming. When a roof system leaks, the problem may be attributed to a poorly-functioning moisture barrier. Substandard installation practices are also known to contribute to roof leaking.
  • Blow-offs. A residential roof may be blown off by persistent rains or strong winds, causing irreversible damage to the entire structure. Also, substandard installation practices can make the roof more vulnerable to blow-offs. In these cases, replacing the roof may be the only practical solution.
  • Extensive structural damage. When widespread roof damage occurs, replacing the shingles may just be one part of the solution. Oftentimes, the roof’s integrity is already compromised by extensive structural damage, such as cracks in the flashing, corrosion of sealants, and mold growth due to water damage. If not addressed in time, serious structural damage can result in the collapse of the entire roof.

The replacement of your roof will depend on the extent of the damage, not only on the shingles, but also on other parts such as the flashing, underlayment, and sheathing. While there are cases that require for you to replace only one or a few parts, far-reaching damage may necessitate complete ROOFING REPLACEMENT.  To determine whether a repair or a NEW ROOF is more appropriate, it is crucial that you speak with trustworthy roof contractors straight away. 

We use the best brands in America:
– GAF (Timberline HD)
– Owens Corning
– Certainteed (Landmark)
– Tamko
We have 10 YEARS WARRANTY ON LABOR and we recommend for a complete roofing replacement the Architectural Roof Shingles (30 years) or Lifetime Warranty Roof Shingles (50 years)

WPI-8: Windstorm Inspection & Certificate 

This is a question that many Texas coastal homeowners ask when it is roof replacement time. A WPI-8 Windstorm Certificate is a required document certifying that a new roofing installation in the coastal wind areas has been inspected by and is up to code with the Texas Department of Insurance coastal wind requirements.
This certificate verifies to your insurance company that your new roof was installed to the Texas Department of Insurance coastal wind code requirements. Regardless of what insurance company that you are using, you will need this certification when you replace your roof. If you do not get the Texas State required WPI-8 Certificate, your insurance company will NOT renew your insurance policy when renewal time comes around.
A roof installed to these specifications is to your best interest as well so it is important to be sure to obtain this certificate as it confirms that your new roof was installed to the Texas Department of Insurance coastal wind code and will not blow off as easily in a windstorm situation. Ensuring the roofing contractor does what is needed for this the first time around will cost much less than learning about it from your insurance company long after the job has been completed!
The six nails per shingle goes along with the above, hand-nailing, which requires the addition of more nails per shingle. These additional nails will provide additional security to the shingles making the roofing shingles harder for the wind to pull off and/or tear during a Texas windstorm situation. The installation of six nails per shingle is another one of the requirement for WPI-8 Certificate of Compliance.
Another advanced roofing technique that is a WPI-8 Certificate requirement is the use of an Ice and Water Membrane made from a flexible rubber- like substance that is self adhering.
This advanced sticky membrane product is applied directly to your roof deck, (plywood). The membrane (shield) acts like a second line of defence to catches any water that might make it’s way under flashing, valleys, protrusions and/or the perimeter of your roof surface area. Even if you were to poke a nail through this protective membrane, like Grace Ice & Water Shield, it would seal in right around it providing major protection!
The locations on your roof where we apply this Shield, which are recommended by TDI, (Texas Department of Insurance) is around the entire perimeter of your home, in all of the valleys, along the sidewalls, chimneys and around all of the roof protrusions. These are areas that historically have been prone to leaks and seepage. Installing an added layer of protection, of Ice & Water Shield, will help ensure that wind-driven rain will NOT make its way into your home. Now this provides peace-of-mind for you for your Texas coastal home many years to come!
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