Picking a shingle color seems simple enough, but it can typically be the most difficult decision when replacing a roof. Everyone has his or her own individual tastes and preferences, so unfortunately there isn’t a perfect formula to use when choosing your shingle color. However, here are a few tips that will offer some guidance:
  1. We recommend observing other homes in your area, particularly noting different combinations of exterior facades such as trim, brick, stone and/or siding. Determine those homes that you like vs. those that you do not like.
  2. Always get a full-size sample from the contractor. Do not make a final shingle color selection from manufacturer sales brochures or minimized samples. Some colors may not be available in your geographic area, so be sure to ask the contractor about availability.
  3. Pay close attention to the varying colors of the granules on the sample. Most asphalt shingles contain a mixture of various granules that make up the overall color. Matching some of the granule colors to the existing trim colors or other exterior components help to “connect” the roof color with the aspects of the exterior of the home. Pay attention to how the colors relate to each other throughout the day as the angle in which the sunlight reflects on a roof can amplify differing tones and shades.
  4. If you are changing exterior colors, be sure to get color samples of those products and compare with the shingle color.
  5. Once color preferences have been narrowed, ask the contractor for the address of some homes where complete installs have been performed. It’s worth the time to drive by and have a look and most roofs can be viewed from the street.
  6. Many asphalt shingle manufacturers have visualization software on their websites whereby you can download a photograph of your home and apply differing styles and colors of shingles
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