How To Choose Roof Color For Your New Roof

Although you might not have given much consideration to it before, picking a roof color can make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of your home. What’s more, changing the color of your roof is relatively straightforward, so long as you give your roofing contractor the right brief.

Getting the color right, however, can be a challenge. Do you want to know everything you need to know on how to choose roof color? If so, then take a look at the following tips.

Consider How The Sun Strikes Your Home

The angle of your home relative to the sun can affect the appearance of your roof. The roof on the south-facing side of the house gets a lot of sunlight compared to the north because of the direction of the sun in the sky and can have a reddish or yellowish glow. The shaded part of the roof, by contrast, often looks bluer. Your choice of roof color, therefore, should accommodate the change in color caused by direct sunlight.

Match The Brickwork

Unlike shutters and doors, the brickwork in your home is a permanent feature. While you can change most peculiarities on the exterior of your home to match a new roof (like the paintwork on the window frames), the bricks are generally there to stay. Because of this, it’s best to select a roof color that matches the tone of your bricks and then work around that. You can always repaint at a later date if you don’t think the other exterior features of your home match.

Choose A Color Which Matches The Architectural Style

The color of roof you choose also depends on the architectural style of your home. Victorian and old-style colonial houses tend to work well with natural slate, while stucco homes suit oranges and reds better. Take a look at similar homes in your neighborhood when choosing roof color and take style cues from them.

Likewise, if you live in a hot area and decide to choose a darker shade of roof, then your electricity bills could go up in the summer. Darker roofs will retain more of the heat from direct sunlight, reflecting less back into space, leading to more use of the air conditioning system. If you’d any help on how to choose roof color call HANDAL’S ROOFING  832.525.9679

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