Hailstorms can cause serious damage to a roof. The impact from a hailstone can bruise or crack roofing shingles, potentially leading to water damage in your home. While you can’t always avoid roof damage from hail, you can help to minimize the extent of damage by detecting problems early, taking action to repair or replace your damaged roof as quickly as possible. 

Find out what you can do to help protect your roof and home from the potential consequences of hail damage.

Signs of hail damage

Look for signs of hail damage around your yard and property, such as:

  • Plants stripped of their leaves
  • Dents in cars
  • Damaged air conditioner units, or
  • Evidence of damage to other exterior furnishings

Get a Roof Inspection for Hail Damage

It may be difficult to spot some types of roof damage from the ground, so you’ll want to get as close to the surface of the roof as possible for a complete inspection.

We recommend scheduling an inspection with a professional roofing contractor that you trust to safely and thoroughly inspect your roof. Most roofing contractors provide free inspections and estimates. If you do decide to inspect the roof yourself, please follow all appropriate safety guidelines.

Is It Necessary to Fix Roof Hail Damage?

If your roof has been damaged by hail, it can be difficult to understand whether the damage is only cosmetic or if it could also impact roof performance. If hail damage is allowing water to pass through your roofing system, then this is a performance issue and should be fixed as soon as possible to help prevent serious water damage to your home.

If hail damage has caused granule loss on your roof shingles, it could also affect the performance of the shingle, in addition to the aesthetics.  Granules on asphalt shingles help to protect the asphalt from UV light degradation caused by the sun. While you may not have a roof leak right away, shingles that have lost granules have a higher risk of failing prematurely.

Is Roof Hail Damage Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance policies will cover hail damage, but it’s best to study your homeowner’s policy in-depth, especially if you live in a region prone to hailstorms. Some of the common stipulations associated with hail related insurance claims include:

  • Homeowners usually have within one year to file a claim.
  • Most policies require a deductible payment before the insurance company pays its share.
  • Filing a claim may cause your premium rates to rise.
  • Some states (those with a higher frequency of hail claims) may have percent-based deductibles.
  • Cosmetic roof hail damage may not be covered. 

Tips on Handling Hail Damage Claims

  1. Always get references, read reviews, and compare estimates before choosing a contractor. It’s also best to take the time to verify certificates of insurance and licensing if required in your area.
  2. Notify your insurance company immediately to open a claim. Some companies have mobile apps and online tools to ease the filing process, but you can always call in, as well.
  3. If your contractor agrees to work with your insurance company, make sure you understand in detail what each will do and what steps are required by you.
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