Understanding the Risks of Neglecting Your Roof Replacement

Homeownership brings its share of responsibilities and ignoring minor problems can sometimes lead to unfortunate complications. Nowhere is this more evident than in a delayed roof replacement. If you’ve identified that your roof is in bad shape or has recently been damaged, it’s crucial to make sure your roof is repaired or replaced to help avoid further damage to your home.

Protecting Your Home

For most people, their home is the greatest investment they’ll make during their lifetime, representing a sizable portion of their savings. A home is a private sanctuary, where you and your family can rest, recharge and store precious possessions. Helping to protect that sanctuary starts on the rooftop.

There are many reasons you might be thinking of delaying your roofing project. The most notable being cost-related. A new roof can be a big financial commitment, but most professional roofing contractors offer financing which helps break the cost down into more manageable payments. Another reason you might consider putting off a new roof is scheduling. You might think it’s hard to commit to a large roofing project if your schedule is jam-packed. However, most people are surprised at how quickly an actual roof can be replaced once the roofing crew gets started. Most roofs can be replaced in 1-2 days—some people go to work with an old roof and come home to a new one. So, the time commitment is not necessarily what you think it might be.

Regardless of the list of reasons that seem reasonable-enough to put off the project- the truth is, a bad roof could be a gateway toother issues, jeopardizing your home’s infrastructure resulting in costly repairs. Minor issues can quickly blossom to major problems if not addressed.

The Risks of Neglecting Your Roof Replacement

To help protect your home, you need its outer defenses, including windows, walls and the roof. Unfortunately, the roof’s placement makes it all too easy to be overlooked. And, even if you do notice a small leak — you may decide that replacing your roof can wait. 

However, a roof that has lost its ability to protect your home could risk not only your savings but your valued possessions as well as your home’s integrity and safety.

Widespread Costly Damage

Water takes the path of least resistance and may seep through into your attic and interior walls before it’s detected, resulting in mold and mildew growth. And if that’s not enough, replacing rotted wood and framework throughout the home can be a time-consuming and very expensive process.

Most homeowner insurance policies are very specific regarding roof damage provisions. In most cases, water damage due to roof neglect is not a covered item.

Hidden Safety Hazards for You and Your Family 

Besides the obvious cosmetic damage, a leaking roof also brings hidden risks. Depending on conditions, mold and mildew can begin growing on damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure.  Decay in your home’s structural components can begin to develop, making floors and stairs unsafe. Another risk in homes with leaking roofs is electrical hazards. If water comes in contact with exposed wiring or seeps into a junction box, it can short circuits and potentially cause fires.

Decreased Property Values

Roof problems identified during a home inspection or walk-through could reduce your chances of receiving the asking price. Buyers might request you replace the roof before selling or offer a lower bid.

Replacing Your Possessions

Most people don’t consider the potential damage to wallpaper, carpeting or flooring or furniture if a roof leak is ignored to the point of major water intrusion, not to mention any irreplaceable heirloom vintage items or photographs stored in the attic. If this happens, you could spend more time interacting with other contractors or hard-earned money replacing your items.

Cost Increases

Unfortunately, sometimes you need to put off a project to save money to complete it. The irony is that with most major projects, like reroofing, the  longer you wait, the more potential material cost increases you can experience. It’s just not fair. But most professional roofing contractors can offer a wide variety of financing options that will help you do the work now and pay over time.

The Benefits of Timely Roof Replacement

Roof damage prevention strategies, like annual inspections, regular maintenance and roof replacement, if necessary, offer several advantages:

Provide Peace of Mind

A watertight roof provides peace of mind that your home, its contents, and your family are protected. Nothing beats peace of mind for a new roof.

Enhanced Energy efficiency

A sealed, yet well-ventilated, roofing system helps prevent heat and moisture buildup in attic spaces, so your home’s HVAC system can run efficiently. Insulation, in the correct amount, can make your living spaces comfortable by keeping heated and cooled air where it belongs.  If you’ve determined you need a new roof, you should face the fact that it won’t get better with time—it will only get worse. By acting promptly, you can help prevent the disadvantages associated with avoiding your re-roof. Consult with US to confirm the health of your roof and remedy any roofing damage concerns right away.

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